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I am so tired of seeing people trash their kids on their social networking sites or even listening to them tell others about how bad their kids are. Here is a thought people- if your kids are bad- maybe you didnt raise them right! Kids arent born bad! Grow up and be a parent and stop complaining about your kids. It makes me want to slap you.


I have been having a hard time writing blogs lately. It seems as though we have covered nearly every topic out there. So, here goes and attempt to uncover something new and thought provoking… One thing that has caught my attention over the past week is how children talk to their parents. Well, I guess not so much children as teenagers. Growing up, my parents were very strict. We were not allowed to even say penis or vagina. If we were to say butt, we would get our mouth washed out with soap. So what is going on with teens calling their mom “bitch” and speaking to the parents like they are pieces of trash? One of my friends is the child of a state trooper. He is very strict, yet he allows her to refer to her mother as “bitch,” and speak very rudely to her. They think it is funny.
On youtube there is a video made showing Miley Cyrus treating her dad in such “loving” ways. She hangs up on him when he calls to tell her he loves her, she cuts him off in the middle of his sentences… it goes on. But this is supposed to be love? This is how we should allow our children to treat us? I hate to be the bully here, but if one of my children were to cut off my husband in the middle of a sentence… well, it would not be pretty. If they were to hang up the phone on him when he called to say hi, well, again, it would not be pretty.
I do not understand why parents would allow their kids to talk down to them. They are not making friends by doing this. They are only hurting their kids. Another video on Youtube shows a girl screaming at her grandma for her child support money. Now why would she get this and not her caretaker? Where do these kids get this sense of entitlement from? She is not only screaming for her money, but she is also calling her names in the process.
I would think that with all the drama and rudeness and disgusting behavior being portrayed to us that it would sicken us and make us shut it off. But it seems as though not only do we soak it in, we allow our children to do so. They mirror this behavior. It is very sad, and does not leave me with a “warm fuzzy” feeling. Stop spoiling your kids and step up and be a parent. It is never fun to discipline your children. But it is the right thing to do.

We have all seen the tabloids and heard the news… celebrities have been flashing their private parts to the media… Not only their breasts though, as the infamous Paris Hilton and Tara Reid shown above did (not only then but also numerous times), they are also showing off their- well- how should I put this? Their nether regions… their lady parts… their vagaga… Yes, they have been flashing their vaginas for the world to see! christinasvagaga
It is somewhat disturbing to try and think of why they do this. I am sure some of us have had those nights when we go out and drink a little too much and may flash some skin, but it just seems like there has been an awful lot of it going on. Is it being done for attention? Is it being done just to get on a magazine cover… or do you think it is just an accident as some of these famous celebs claim?
Accident or not, this seems like behavior that should have some negative consequences. Sure in the future they may regret it, but why is all this attention given to them for showing their body to the world? It isn’t cute, and it isn’t newsworthy. I think that instead of praising these stars like we do our puppies when they pee outside, maybe we should all ignore them. Or maybe they should be slammed with a ticket for indescent exposure. What happens to guys who pee in public, drunk or not drunk?
My point is, that whether it be an accident or cry for attention, celebrities- and us normal folks, displaying bad behavior needs to have negative consequences. It is teaching women and girls that being disrespectful to their bodies and others is fun and cute and appropriate. WRONG!


Has anyone heard the saying, “In order to get a man where we want him, women should play dumb.”? Since I was in elementary school girls around me played the dumb role. I will admit that I even tried it, but found it too stupid. I also noticed at a young age that when my friends would act dumb around boys it would annoy me to know end. I wanted to slap some sense into them… but at the same time what they were doing seemed to work. Why is it that women playing dumb is considered “cute” or “attractive.”?
Many of us have seen the show “The 70’s Show,” which casts Mila Kunis, Jackie, as a gorgeous heart throb… she is cute, and funny, and… um… did I mention cute? jackie Why is this obviously smart girl acting dumb and drawing in huge audiences? Mila grabbed the role of Jackie when she was only fourteen years old, tricking the producers into believing she would be 18 on her birthday… she did not mention which birthday. (Wikipedia).
Another actress who pretends to dumb, but is actually smart, is the famous Jessica Simpson. We all know her, and many of us like her. But, as we all know, she became famous for asking some very dumb questions… like asking if tuna was actually chicken, and thinking buffalo wings actually came from buffalos. Jessica claims to have an iq of 160! She also says that “People call me a dumb blonde and, to me, that’s funny, I always played into it because it’s fun. That’s me showing my imperfections that people can relate to, so they know I’m not perfect.”

If you read this article it explains how some famous actresses act, or acted dumb… and what they think about it. Pink does not find it cute, and apparently, neither does Paris Hilton- anymore. When I asked my husband what he thought of it, he said “it can be cute at times, but mostly it is irritating.” When I asked my brother though, he said, “Girls who dumb themselves down are annoying, but they’re easy to get into bed, and easy to get rid of. I wouldn’t want to be stuck with a girl who acted like that.” So, what do you think? Act dumb, or just be yourself?

One very big thing we see in the media is DRAMA with a capitol DRAMA. People are drawn to it. How many reality shows are out there right now? Dozens?! In all of these shows there is one thing that they have in common- drama. In the famous reality show on VH!, “Rock of Love,” women compete for a chance at love with a rock star, Bret Michaels. bretmichaels
Not only are these women throwing themselves at this man, and hoping to win his affection, they are vicious towards each other. They call names, and lie, and hit each other. These “women” make themselves look like little high school girls, who are jealous and lack class. They draw in the ratings though because who doesn’t love watching drama? One reality show “vixen” became famous for spitting on another girl! This is sick! But, hey, the producers of this lovely show are drawing in the viewers. I actually heard one middle school girl talking about how she would have done the same thing. Two thoughts ran through my mind, “Are you serious honey?” and “What were her parents thinking allowing her to watch this show?”
We have seem more violence in the media lately. A lot of it is girls fighting with each other. I wonder if the media plays a role in this? Do these girls think that by beating up on other girls they are going to be deamed “cool” or famous? One group of girls lured their “friend” into their home so they could attack her and post the video on youtube and myspace. The girls who did the attacking were charged with serious crimes. Do you think that this had any impact on them… or do you think that their friends are patting them on the back and laughing about it?
Another famous reality show, “Jon and Kate plus Eight” has suddenly sky rocketed with viewers. This happened when? After their divorce… yep, more drama! jon-and-kate-to-separate It seems like people would be drawn to happiness and happy people. We are not sending a very good message to our children by watching these shows and upping their ratings. Why do you think that fighting and drama draws in so many viewers?


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  • Phil: It's amazing what you randomly happen across while trawling through Google Images...anyway, this was a very interesting read so I thought I should add
  • peachiz1123: I was not saying both of these videos are the same. The point is that both videos depict young kids disrespecting those that they shouldn't be. Mu hus
  • Lisa: It is way too often i hear a kid disrespecting their parents! Celebrities do it to their parents and so do average, everyday kids and teens. I think i