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Be a parent already!

Posted on: November 30, 2010

I am so tired of seeing people trash their kids on their social networking sites or even listening to them tell others about how bad their kids are. Here is a thought people- if your kids are bad- maybe you didnt raise them right! Kids arent born bad! Grow up and be a parent and stop complaining about your kids. It makes me want to slap you.


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  • Phil: It's amazing what you randomly happen across while trawling through Google Images...anyway, this was a very interesting read so I thought I should add
  • peachiz1123: I was not saying both of these videos are the same. The point is that both videos depict young kids disrespecting those that they shouldn't be. Mu hus
  • Lisa: It is way too often i hear a kid disrespecting their parents! Celebrities do it to their parents and so do average, everyday kids and teens. I think i


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