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Celebs flashing… cute or not?

Posted on: October 25, 2009

We have all seen the tabloids and heard the news… celebrities have been flashing their private parts to the media… Not only their breasts though, as the infamous Paris Hilton and Tara Reid shown above did (not only then but also numerous times), they are also showing off their- well- how should I put this? Their nether regions… their lady parts… their vagaga… Yes, they have been flashing their vaginas for the world to see! christinasvagaga
It is somewhat disturbing to try and think of why they do this. I am sure some of us have had those nights when we go out and drink a little too much and may flash some skin, but it just seems like there has been an awful lot of it going on. Is it being done for attention? Is it being done just to get on a magazine cover… or do you think it is just an accident as some of these famous celebs claim?
Accident or not, this seems like behavior that should have some negative consequences. Sure in the future they may regret it, but why is all this attention given to them for showing their body to the world? It isn’t cute, and it isn’t newsworthy. I think that instead of praising these stars like we do our puppies when they pee outside, maybe we should all ignore them. Or maybe they should be slammed with a ticket for indescent exposure. What happens to guys who pee in public, drunk or not drunk?
My point is, that whether it be an accident or cry for attention, celebrities- and us normal folks, displaying bad behavior needs to have negative consequences. It is teaching women and girls that being disrespectful to their bodies and others is fun and cute and appropriate. WRONG!


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Obviously most people think this is bad. A good question is: why does it work? Does it get these stars into print (or in this case glowing type)? Does it later result in them getting more work, money, gifts, etc?

I think the Balloon Boy story actually illustrates why they would do this. Although the parents may go to jail, I’ll bet that kid will show up on an “I love the whatever this decade is called” show in a few years. He’s now in the d-list celebrity category and there will undoubtably be opportunities for more fame. What in our culture makes that kind of fame desirable?

Our culture seems to be drawn to drama and… well… rudeness. It is more exciting than plain old life. With the media out there, there is no way to avoid it- well, maybe besides living in solitude. The Balloon Boy will probably have a show in the future, and perhaps his parents are bargaining on this. I do not understand why they would want this life? I could not stand having the world scrutinize my every movement. Maybe now they are getting what they deserve. It is too bad they set their children up for this life and have shown them that making bad decisions may pay off in the long run.

Although some of these photos are quite obviously done on purpose. However, it seems most are not done on purpose, just more or less to much paparazzi “up in their business”. I mean they cant even go to the bathroom at a restaurant without them staked out in the next stall.

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  • Phil: It's amazing what you randomly happen across while trawling through Google Images...anyway, this was a very interesting read so I thought I should add
  • peachiz1123: I was not saying both of these videos are the same. The point is that both videos depict young kids disrespecting those that they shouldn't be. Mu hus
  • Lisa: It is way too often i hear a kid disrespecting their parents! Celebrities do it to their parents and so do average, everyday kids and teens. I think i


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