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“Hmmm, Let me think… Oh Duh! I know!”

Posted on: October 9, 2009


Has anyone heard the saying, “In order to get a man where we want him, women should play dumb.”? Since I was in elementary school girls around me played the dumb role. I will admit that I even tried it, but found it too stupid. I also noticed at a young age that when my friends would act dumb around boys it would annoy me to know end. I wanted to slap some sense into them… but at the same time what they were doing seemed to work. Why is it that women playing dumb is considered “cute” or “attractive.”?
Many of us have seen the show “The 70’s Show,” which casts Mila Kunis, Jackie, as a gorgeous heart throb… she is cute, and funny, and… um… did I mention cute? jackie Why is this obviously smart girl acting dumb and drawing in huge audiences? Mila grabbed the role of Jackie when she was only fourteen years old, tricking the producers into believing she would be 18 on her birthday… she did not mention which birthday. (Wikipedia).
Another actress who pretends to dumb, but is actually smart, is the famous Jessica Simpson. We all know her, and many of us like her. But, as we all know, she became famous for asking some very dumb questions… like asking if tuna was actually chicken, and thinking buffalo wings actually came from buffalos. Jessica claims to have an iq of 160! She also says that “People call me a dumb blonde and, to me, that’s funny, I always played into it because it’s fun. That’s me showing my imperfections that people can relate to, so they know I’m not perfect.”

If you read this article it explains how some famous actresses act, or acted dumb… and what they think about it. Pink does not find it cute, and apparently, neither does Paris Hilton- anymore. When I asked my husband what he thought of it, he said “it can be cute at times, but mostly it is irritating.” When I asked my brother though, he said, “Girls who dumb themselves down are annoying, but they’re easy to get into bed, and easy to get rid of. I wouldn’t want to be stuck with a girl who acted like that.” So, what do you think? Act dumb, or just be yourself?


5 Responses to "“Hmmm, Let me think… Oh Duh! I know!”"

But what does acting dumb get women? My personal pet peeve is the little girl voice on a grown woman–but I don’t think you’re born that way, I think it’s something a girl cultivates and keeps into womanhood. What does that do for her?

Are you saying Mila Kunis herself acts dumb, or Jackie?

I think that acting dumb gets a woman the feeling that they are “cute.” Maybe they do believe that they will get the man in the end. I just find it very annoying that women would dumb themselves down for attention. I am very happy you brought up the liitle girl voice on adult women. My mother does this all the time and it frankly disgusts me. (well i guess i should say did, because I have not spoken to her in three years). It was always “Daddy, look at that!” in the most babyish voice ever. Come on! You are a fifty year old woman! Not a daddy’s five year old daughter. Grow up! Yet she never did this when I was a child. This was something she developed when I was about 19 or 20. Why do women do that!?
I am saying that the character Mila played acted dumb. I never met her, so I am not sure if she does this in real life. Although, we have seen other famous celebrities who do! (Paris, Britney, Nicole…)

I think it’s interesting that you asked your husband and brother what they thought and that they both had negative reactions to a female “acting dumb”. So why do so many women “act dumb”? I’m sure there are a number of reasons. One reason might be actual intelligent females are seen as “threatening” to men, or so one thinks, and therefore the female puts on this dumb show to seem more “approachable” or “feminine” to men or so she thinks. This is just one idea about why women might choose to “act dumb” that I have come across in friends of mine.

I know exactly what you mean! I know so many girls/women who act dumb in order to get attention. I believe these are the kinds of individuals who guys may find cute but never really take seriously. These are definitely not your bring home to mom kind of girls. In my opinion, smart, well educated, and someone who can hold a conversation is much more appealing. Celebrities are big influences when it comes to behaviors like this. For a while Jessica Simpson, a well known pop superstar had a TV series with her ex husband called Newlyweds. Throughout this whole show Jessica portrayed herself as a dumb girl. She was well known in this series for her ridiculously unintelligent comments.

It’s amazing what you randomly happen across while trawling through Google Images…anyway, this was a very interesting read so I thought I should add my perspective.
There is, and probably always will be, a segment of the male population which assumes dumb girls are easier to get into bed and, therefore, these ‘dumb’ girls become more popular amongst this segment of men.
There are also, no doubt, some men who actually find this type of behaviour to be ‘cute’ or ‘endearing’ in bizarre way.
What I do find difficult to comprehend is how an intelligent girl/woman could be oblivious to the existence of this segment of men and the traits thereof. This leads me to surmise that there must be a certain level of dumbness already present in these girls/women in order for them to deliberately dumb themselves down even further.
As for me…I have an intelligent wife and I couldn’t envisage spending my life with anyone else, but if my circumstances were different, there is no way I could spend time physically and sexually with a woman if I could not connect with her on a mental level first.

Just to add another thing to think about…

We know the dumb baby-doll voice is fake and irritating but they are not the only ones who put on a vocal facade. Who else out there is infuriated by the fake gay-guy voice?
They talk like everyone else until they finally accept their sexual orientation, then within a few months they develop fake gay vocal mannerisms.
Why can’t people just be who they are?
Aaarrgh! Please save me from the stupid.

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  • Phil: It's amazing what you randomly happen across while trawling through Google Images...anyway, this was a very interesting read so I thought I should add
  • peachiz1123: I was not saying both of these videos are the same. The point is that both videos depict young kids disrespecting those that they shouldn't be. Mu hus
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